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New England Document Systems is a leader in electronic imaging. They have provided document imaging, microfilming and storage services to the region’s businesses for more than 20 years. Their client list includes small to mid-size firms as well as Fortune 500 companies in a broad range of industries, including medical, financial, business, retail and education, scanning millions of customer documents each month.


With such highly repetitive motion operations, the company began to experience a couple of office related injuries. “It didn’t take much to see our worker’s comp premiums soar” stated Nick Brattan, president of New England Document Systems. “It was 2 or 3 claims in one year that saw our premiums rise to around $65,000 for 65 employees or $1000.00 per employee.” Their carrier communicated in no uncertain terms that they needed to rectify the situation or their coverage would be dropped.


Unlike many instances where specific, individual needs are addressed, New England Document Systems elected to overhaul the entire scanning department to immediately address the challenge. Jaymil was brought in to focus on the repetitive motion and develop a solution that would address the issue and prevent injuries from reoccurring. As Nick relayed, “Jaymil partnered with us to address the challenge and brought practicality to reality”.
Following are the changes implemented by Jaymil, specifically designed for employees to maintain a neutral posture while scanning documents.

1. Position of scanner: Scanner was lowered to 22” to allow employees to scan documents without raising their shoulders
2. Position of monitor: Monitor was installed on a monitor arm to allow flexibility of height and position
3. Position of keyboard and mouse: Keyboard and mouse were mounted on a platform that would come above the scanner surface and move into a negative position. The platform was long enough for both mouse and keyboard so they would be on the same plane.
4. Placement of documents: To allow neutral posture and adequate work flow, the work surface was designed so documents would fit on both sides of the scanner, and the “wings” are height adjustable.
5. Supportive chair: Task chairs were chosen for proper size, full support, and appropriate adjustments.

The company also took other initiatives such as reducing the size and thus the weight of their document storage boxes. This resulted in a significant cost increase for the company but a necessary step according to Nick in an effort to promote a safe and healthy work environment.


The company realized an immediate impact from their efforts. “Not only did we see our injury incidence disappear, but we realized an increase in productivity as well. I’m convinced that was a result of the employees seeing that we cared about them and their working conditions.”

New England Document Systems’ direct benefit has also affected their bottom line as their current mod rate is .7 and their premiums have dropped to $28,000 and their employee count now stands at 95 or $295.00 per employee.

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