Life Desk

Did you know - The LifeDesk electric height adjustable workstation provides the highest range of height adjustability in the industry, with the ability to raise from 22" all the way to 51.5". Combined with the ability to telescope its base from 36" to 96", the LifeDesk can accommodate any workspace configuration in your office.

LifeDesk comes in a variety of configurations based on your desking needs. Single column, standard 2 leg for corners or rectangular surfaces, 3 legged for L-shaped desks, and quad leg for complex U-shaped desks or conference tables and benching. Standard and custom tops are also available from LifeDesk.

LifeDesk bases are always in stock, and ship within 24 hours of your order placement. Many competitors have upwards of a 3 week leadtime. And unlike many other electric desk systems, LifeDesk is shipped with all its components in a single box, not a pallet of various parts.

LifeDesk comes standard with a 4 position programmable switch with a digital readout.

Life Desk Posture
Proper Posture

Click for LifeDesk Spec Sheet (PDF)Click for LifeDesk Brochure (PDF)

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