Space Planning

It may be a surprise for some clients, but Summit is not just your premier Ergonomic Solutions Specialist; we are your complete Office Furniture Provider.

Provide us with your layouts, or request a visit from your Summit Workplace Analyst, and we will submit for your review a CAD drawing and detailed specification using the product lines that meet your needs and your budget.

Summit is not tied to any one furniture manufacturer, but offers a number of manufacturers of ergonomic, standard laminate and veneer office, and cubicle workstations.


While other office furniture companies set workstations at a standard 29"-30" high, Summit will complete a pre-installation survey, then will set adjustable workstations or panel-hung surfaces at each employee's correct height, or will customize standard desks with the correct ergonomic equipment.

Summit's qualified Ergonomics Specialists make their seating recommendations based upon individual needs from a wide variety of chair shapes and sizes. In order to provide standardization while allowing for individual differences for large projects, a few size variations from the same product line will be recommended. Chairs can be ordered in a variety of fabric colors and grades, including C.O.M. fabrics, to match or complement our clients' existing furniture.

Summit can integrate ergonomic furniture (electric, crank, or maintenance-adjustable workstations and ergonomic accessories) with new or existing traditional office or cubicle stations.


In addition to your workplace analyst, each client is assigned a personal in house service specialist to monitor, track and oversee your project for its duration. Any questions, updates or changes to your project can be directed to your service specialist as they are intimately familiar with your project and can immediately address anything that may arise.

Implementation of the project is equally as important as specifying product and selecting colors, and Summit is dedicated to providing the necessary resources that will make your installation smooth and worry-free.

Upon placement of an order, Summit will:
  • Track order progress throughout the entire process
  • Work with you to determine delivery schedule
  • Maintain ongoing communication with the manufacturers to ensure that each order will be delivered on time
  • If required, schedule a visit to the customer site to verify field conditions
  • Provide professional and efficient installation services ensure client satisfaction
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