To sit or to stand while working has led to significant debate. Our view... why not do both? Whether it be working while sitting or at a standing desk, most can agree it is not healthy to be in the same position for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 50 weeks per year. Switch between the two with a touch of a button with any of our electric frames. Need more evidence why you should do both? Take a look at Mike Kind's article: Can Sitting All Day Kill You?

At Jaymil, we know that one size does not fit all people or all situations. That is why we offer a wide variety of electric sit to stand frames to suit your exact needs. In addition to the frame, we offer custom worksurfaces to fit all of our frames. Why would you want a custom worksurface? Possibly you want to match your new desk to existing furniture, or you want a special size that will fit perfectly into that nook or opening in your office, or even need to have a radiused cutout to get closer to your work. Whatever the reason, we can do it, and have it delivered to you.

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Single Leg

Pedestal design suitable for small corner tops or small (<30") rectangles. Load rated to 175 lb.

Dual Leg

2 leg design suitable for larger corner tops or rectangular surfaces up to 96" long by 36" deep. Load rated to 350 lbs

Three Leg

Suitable for L-shaped tops up to 90" x 90" and as much as 36" deep. Load rated to 350 lbs.

Quad Leg

4 synchronized legs suitable for conference tables, lab benching, and larger worksurfaces. Load rated to 600 lbs


Standard and custom tops and finishes. Click to see the options.

Other Brands

Other options based on budget or design style.

Cubicle Integration

Learn how a sitstand base can be easily integrated into your existing cubicles.

Stand-Alone Clusters

Design ideas for pods of sitstand desks to facilitate team collaboration

Special Applications

Unique applications for sit stand desking including radiology, drafting, chess et al

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